The Oxfordshire Mess Shows How the DTC isnt working

What a mess Strategic Planning in Oxfordshire is.

Rather than an agreed joint approach to reviewing the Green Belt (a strategic review), setting per district targets in local plans and assessing them we have each district working in parallel – with the aim of agreeing – seperately together – which is little more than an agreement to agree.

What it shows is that having a joint SHMA and then cooperating on individual local plans is not enough, what is needed is joint appraisal of options.  Compare for example Oxfordshire with Cambridgeshire (which has district by district targets).

The ‘Post SHMA’ work programme is a mess.  The key issue is the capacity of Oxford and how much of that overspills to other districts.  Oxford have commissioned a independent review of their capacity and have offered joint management.  The other districts are now commissioning their own rival reviews.  This study will look at the Green Belt within the City boundary but not outside it, so how it can make meaningful assessment of Green Belt purposes (an intrinsically boundary blind and strategic concept) I dont know.   Its rats in a sack.

At the board everyone has a local axe to grind and their is no independent strategic overview.  A model of how not to do it.

One thought on “The Oxfordshire Mess Shows How the DTC isnt working

  1. Part of the root of this is in Oxford’s cocking up of their own housing poIicy through reducing housing units avaiIabIe to young professionaIs.

    For poIiticaI reasons best known to the birds, they chose to bear down on HMOs (by imposing such bureaucracy that they became unviabIe), force students into expensive corporate haIIs (so much for heIping poor students) and imposing an ArticIe 4 direction on the type of tenants in a property.

    Therefore they suddenIy find insufficient accommodation for the type of young professionaIs who abound in Oxford, and need to buiId on other peopIe’ green fieIds, whiIe perfectIy convertibIe houses and Iofts stand unconverted.

    They have made their own bed, now etc…

    Interested to hear your view.

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