Essex Boys Alter Planning Policy to Suit Themselves

Clearly Eric Pickoles and Brandon Lewis are altering planning policy to reflect the circumstances in their own South Essex authorities.

“to set out that in exceptional cases, where a local authority is burdened by a large-scale unauthorised site which has significantly increased their need, and their area is subject to strict and special planning constraints, then there is no assumption that the local authority is required to plan to meet their traveller site needs in full.” It adds: “The possible effect is likely to mean that those travellers evicted from the large-scale unauthorised site may not have their needs met in the local area and would need to relocate in order to find a suitable alternative provision.”

Which means of course that the need is shifted to North Essex and Herts.

Confused Nonsence from RICS about Amberfield Development

Making it vup as they go along


Introduce ‘amberfield’: a planning class between green and brown

Local growth is impeded as a result of extensive (2-5 year) battles to bring forward land for development. To attract inward investment to the UK we need to provide certainty to investors and signal where we have a future pipeline of land.

Local authorities utilising local plans, should allocate sites deemed favourable for sustainable development as amberfield. Rather than planning classes of green and brown being inhibitors to development, amberfield would enable development. We ask government to concurrently undertake a national brownfield site review.#

How is this any different to allocating a site within phase I of a local plan for development.  Allocation has no necessary connection to its land use classification which is purely a matter of land use (statitical).  If they cant anser this question pleae consign the report to the bin.