Lib-Dems to Promise Housing Target of 300,000 a Year


Plans to build 300,000 homes a year and a £2.8bn-a-year expansion of childcare will be at the heart of the Liberal Democrat manifesto at next May’s general election.

The Lib Dem plan would trump Labour’s pledge to build 200,000 homes a year by 2020 and make housing a key election issue. Mr Clegg’s party wants to set up a Housing Investment Bank to streamline public funding and attract private investment, and to set up a ministerial task force to ensure the target is set.

The housing policy will be proposed by Tim Farron, the Lib Dem president, and Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, when the draft manifesto is put to the Lib Dems’ annual conference in Glasgow next month.

Mr Farron said: “We can and must choose to build a new generation of homes for those on ordinary salaries. Central to this is the need for consistent and committed action at all levels – a long term strategy – to tackle the biggest issue of our generation.”


2 thoughts on “Lib-Dems to Promise Housing Target of 300,000 a Year

  1. May I be crude?

    This sounds like a geek trying to educe a model by promising to have the full 9 inches.

    Does he explain how he will deal with the pavement politicians of the er … Lib Dems … who spend their lives trying to appear to be the animating force for objections?

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