Brandon Lewis Celebrates Defeat of Bungalows Scheme

24 Dash – 6 bungalows causing traffic chaos – mmmm

New Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis – who has used his first month in the role to promote the building of bungalows – has welcomed the news that plans for some affordable housing association bungalows have been kicked out by planners.

Writing in his latest newsletter, the MP called the decision to block Saffron Housing Trust’s plans to build eight affordable rent homes in his parliamentary constituency of Great Yarmouth a “success”.

Saffron hoped to develop six bungalows and two houses at a site on Salisbury Road.

This month, Lewis called for more bungalows to be built across the country, telling the Daily Telegraph that “we should be looking to love bungalows a little bit more”.

The minister wrote in his newsletter that the scheme was “set to cause traffic chaos” and singled out “out-of-touch” Labour councillors who “ignored strong local opposition for plans to force yet more housing on our community”.

Lewis said that residents were “horrified” to see councillors “defying the will of local people and voting in support of the plans”.

The MP added that all of Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s Conservative councillors “voted to reject this misguided scheme”.

Lewis has frequently called for new UK housing to be built since being made minister for housing and planning by David Cameron in July, and has particularly singled out the work of housing associations for praise.

Speaking during a tour of a £200m regeneration scheme in London earlier this month, the MP said that HAs were playing a “vital role” in delivering the “affordable homes that families need”.

And speaking at a special event by social landlord the Accord Group to build two homes in a day, Lewis reiterated that “we need to build more homes in this country”.

However, his apparent delight in Saffron’s failure to secure permission to build the new affordable bungalows in his own constituency seems at odds with his proclamations on development across the rest of the country.

In his interview with the Telegraph, Lewis said: “Representing Great Yarmouth we have got a few areas that have got quite large bungalows and some very, very nice bungalow properties.”

In a statement, Saffron said: “We can confirm that it was Saffron Housing Trust who had applied for planning permission to build homes on the site at Salisbury Road in Great Yarmouth. This was for eight properties: two houses and six bungalows.”

Saffron has not yet decided whether it will appeal the planning decision.


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