How the London Plan Examination Might Play Out

The key issue will be the massive housing need shortfall and potential overspill outside London.

The Mayor has written to other authorities requesting they look at the implications of this but has not formally requested overspill or Green Belt reviews. The Mayor does not consider there needs to be a Green Belt review in London till 2025, conveniently just outside the 10 year housing requirements for borough local plans.

The SDS is pre 2004 act and localism act so no soundness or DTC requirements.

However the panel is very likely to conclude there is a housing shortfall and that it would be inequitable to suggest a Green Belt review outside London but not inside. 

The panel cannot however conclude the plan is unsound, not DTC compliant or make binding recommendations.  The Mayor can therefore ignore the recommendation unless the SoS intrvenes.

This will spark chaos as the paanel will likley find an overspill need without any allocation of it making local plans in ROSE grind to a halt whiulsst they are required to conduct additional Green Belt reviews.

The most likely scenario is that ROSE authorities challenge the FALP on EU SEA directive requirements as it was part of a wider ‘plan or programme’ for meeting Londons OAN in full biut did not consider a reasonable alternative, meeting the over spill in ful or part in London in whatever form.  Of course the soundness test and DTX applies to individual Boroughs plans so objections when they submit from ROSE authorities is likely to bring their plan making to a halt.

A rational SOS and Mayor would forsee this and commission a strategic study for meeting London’s overspill need through new Garden Cities – but unlikely this side of the election. 




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