Gobshite Alert Minister Says Unemployment Caused by Moaning About Unemployment

Daily Mail

Unemployed young people are being put off even trying to find work because of the ‘morally reprehensible’ doom and gloom spread about the jobs market by Labour, the employment minister has said.

Esther McVey said there are ‘more than enough’ businesses willing to give young people a chance.

But she said jobless youths are giving up before they even start to look for work because of the ‘relentless negativity’ about their prospects.

Miss McVey, 46, who previously said young people should be prepared to take lowly jobs in coffee shops if they want to get on in life, said jobseekers should be more optimistic about their chances.

She told the Mail: ‘For too long now, young people have been subjected to relentless negativity about the state of the workplace that is waiting for them when they finish their study, training or apprenticeship.

‘I meet with thousands of young people a year and they all say the negative picture painted by opposition politicians about young people and their bleak future has a very negative effect on them.

‘It saps their confidence and energy before they even look for the job and crushes their spirit so much that it forces them to give up trying.


2 thoughts on “Gobshite Alert Minister Says Unemployment Caused by Moaning About Unemployment

  1. Nor does the Jobcentre help with morale.

    Being a professional planner, made redundant and looking for work, I found the Jobcentre to be a demoralising and debilitating experience where I was made to feel inept and unworthy.

    We need to invest in our Jobcentres and make them lively hubs of positive activity to help inspire, motivate and assist those looking for work. We’ve been making our libraries the vibrant community hubs that the have now become…so why not the jobcentres?

  2. She really did have her tongue in her cheek didn’t she? If she is serious,then this is not just a simplistic approach, but also pandering to the pleadings of those looking for excuses to avoid taking jobs they don’t fancy.
    Not a great start in the new job Miss McVey, to try taking cheap political shots at the opposition, making unsubstantiated and potentially inflammatory comments about youth unemployment. This seems to be more about the forthcoming election, than a serious attempt to find solutions.
    No doubt UKIP will at on this like a pack of rabid dogs, sighting out of control immigration for the EU, as the real reason.

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