The Lichfield LP JR – Green Belt Release does not have to be a ‘last resort’


What is clear from the principles distilled in the case of Gallagher is that for revisions to the green belt to be made exceptional circumstances have to be demonstrated.
Whether they have been is a matter of planning judgment in a local plan exercise ultimately for the inspector. It is of note that in setting out the principles in Gallagher there is no reference to a falsification doctrine or that any release of green belt land has to be seen as a last resort.
The only statutory duty is that in Section 39 (2) (supra). In that regard the contents of paragraph 84 of the NPPF are relevant. …
That is clear advice to decision makers to take into account the consequences for sustainable development of any review of green belt boundaries. As part of that patterns of development and additional travel are clearly relevant.

Also notable that whipping is not predetermination.


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