Eric Gets Muscular on Parking – Again

Buried in yesterdays consultation.

The Government supports the motorist and wants to see adequate parking provision for them. For this reason, we removed the previous administration’s restrictions on the number of parking spaces for new developments. And in March this year we published new planning guidance, which encourages local authorities to improve the quality of parking in town centres and, where it is necessary to ensure their vitality, the quantity too. Parking standards are now matters for local authorities.

We are aware that some local authorities appear to have adopted a more flexible approach, and this is to be welcomed, but the Government now wishes to understand whether more action is needed to tackle on-street parking problems.
We want to understand whether local authorities are stopping builders from  providing sufficient parking space to meet market demand. We also want to ensure that local authorities in their Local Plans have properly reviewed their
parking policies and brought them up to date.

Question 2.16: Do you agree that parking policy should be strengthened to tackle on-street parking problems by restricting powers to set maximum parking standards?


So its not a matter for local authorities then after all.  Even when as required by the NPPF it is backed by evidence and is the best plan in the circumstances?  The best way to tackle on street parking problems, on street parking constrols and better public transport, walking and cycling facilities.  Does the government back walkers and cyclists?

Why is there congestion on roads?  Because there is sufficient parking spaces at the end of journeys to meet market demand but not enough road space.  The shortage of parking spaces to meet market demand is not a problem it is an advantage.  This is a formula for worsening conbgestion everywhere and anywhere where there is congestion.



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