Why Boris has a delayed a Strategic London Green Belt Review Till Next Year

The Mayor’s New Infrastructure Plan

“The plan suggests improving rail links to other urban areas in the South East but the mayor rules out building on the green belt as the large amounts of brownfield land within the capital should allow London to accommodate its growth, at least until 2025, within existing boundaries.”

Because that’s 10 years, and plans don’t have to identify land beyond that period according to NPPG. The issue is conveniently punted back till after the next election, just one yer though.  Of course this assumes a ‘liverpool’ approach of 20 years! to clear the backlog.  I don’t think this is applicable.  You can go with a liverpool approach if the panel accepts a large site driven policy, but its the size of deliverability of the sites that matters, it does not affect OAN which is determined prior to determining constraints.  The approach of the FLAP is contrary to the Hunstan Decision – assuming more realistic 10 years to clear the backlog the need requires 68.000 a year and meeting much of the Need outside London’s Boundaries in whatever form.

Thee press have not picked up on this.  The Mayor is not delaying a Green Belt review till 2025, all plan in London have to have a minimum 10 year land allocation.  What the Mayor is announcing is a Green Belt review in 2016 just after he hopes the FLP will be approved.  An entirely cynical time delaying tactic.  In the mean time every plan in ROSE is pout in stasis as they don’t yet know what their DTC OAN overspill is.  What London Boroughs and ROSE LPAs should be asking Boris is whether or not he will be carrying out this review in 2016, because if he is not if any of them adopt a plan this year it will have a shelf life of one year only.

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