Draw a Masterplan for Wimbledon – Nah sing a song

Quite the silliest design competition ever for Winbeldon Town Centre.

Your submission can take the form of any format you want, whether it is a poem, song, abstract sketch or scale plans and 3D animations. Download the brief here.

And only a 2k prize.

Mastrplan too often fail because they are not about delivery, not properly resourced leading to impractical ideas without a financial case. Masterplans need for example to know where teh stats are and how much it will take to dig them up.  Silly competitions where you can win by singing a song is the anthesis of practical deliverable urban design that might actually one day get built.  This is mining poor students for ideas on the cheap. Serious bodies like CABE should have nothing to do with such potemkin village competitions and the professional institutions should complain.


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