Recessionary Underestimation in Maldon

Inspector David Vickery has added a new word to the planning lexicon to describe an issue often covered in this blog ‘recessionary underestimation’ – which covers the supression of new households in the recession because people couldn’t afford to form a new household.  You might also add ‘boom overestimation’ to describe the process at the other end of the cycle.  It is only recently that formal guidance, and the TCPA report, have widely recrecognized this issue.

Odd I think that Maldon responded by trying to say they were doing what Keith Holland told them to two years ago (before the most recent guidance was published), when he advised them to update their SHMA, which they did and then ignored, how odd.

Esther Mc Vay or Sajid David Tipped to be Communities Secretary

Daily Mirror

Esther McVey is likely to be Communities Secretary when – as the Sunday People first revealed – Eric Pickles takes over from Grant Shapps as Tory chairman.

Daily Mail

One MP said he expected Mr Pickles to become chief whip, Culture Secretary Sajid Javid to move to Communities and Local Government, and Miss McVey to enter the Cabinet at culture.

Sajid David would be a disaster given his recent statements that local authorities should not be cooperating and should not meet housing need as a result.  Surely if he was too uncultured for culture he is way to uncommuitarian for communities?