Pickles Refuses Smithfields Market


The Secretary of State has had regard to the Inspector’s comments about the
Smithfield area, its heritage assets and the adjoining Conservation Areas … He sees no reason to disagree with the Inspector’s remark
that the General Market, the Annex Market, the Red House and the Engine House are not listed but are clearly an integral part of the Smithfield market complex and are recognised as non-designated heritage assets which contribute strongly to the distinctive character of the Smithfield Conservation Area (IR408). In relation to the market group and its setting, the Secretary of State agrees, for the reasons given
by the Inspector (IR416), that the market and the Holborn Viaduct effectively lie within a large shared setting which strongly enhances their significance and reflects their origins as grand Victorian engineering schemes that have shaped the area as it is seen today. ..
the Secretary of State sees no reason to disagree with his view that the deteriorated state of the buildings is, at least in part, the result of the history of deliberate neglect and that, in assessing the planning balance, less weight should therefore be given to the current condition of the buildings and the consequent benefit of their repair

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