What Parties in the 2015 General Election Manifestos need to Say About #YestoHomes

Very simple really, what works is well tried and tested around the world but seems on no major parties agenda

Yes to Homes – ensuring we work towards building 300,000 new homes a year to clear the housing backlog.

Yes to Homes in the Right Place – Smart planning – regenerating brownfield sites, avoiding attractive countryside, in places accessible to public transport and where growth opportunities are highest,  in well planned urban extensions and Garden Cities where Brownfield Sites arnt enough.  Review Green Belts where too tight but ensure that there is enough good locations outside them to ensure there long term protection.

Yes to Big Thinking on Where Housing Should Go – Ensure Cities and there neighbors work together by setting up structures to decide where housing should go which wont fit in our largest cities and most sensitive areas.

Yes to Affordable Housing – Subsiding bricks and mortar for affordable homes rather than high rents.

Yes to Infrastructure for Homes  – Using the uplift in land values from getting planning permission to lever in long term private investment for schools, roads, and transport etc.

Yes to Quality Housing – Ensuring all major housing sites have an approved master plan first of the highest quality and all new homes are sustainable and meet minimum size and other standards.

Yes to Fast Tracking Homes – Where new housing meets the above conditions ensuring a  12 month gaurentee from drafted master plan to approved shovel ready consent.

Yes to Housing for All – Ensuring 20,000 plots a year are gifted to families of all incomes to build their own homes, with government backed loans for building works by low income families.

How many organisations could sign up to a charter like that?

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