Reigategate – What Was Anchorman Hinting at?

Now we know what happened at the meeting with Chrispen Blunt Schoolboles and Anchorman


  1. Subsequent to the Executive Addendum Report being published,a meeting was held between Cllr Brunt, Crispin Blunt MP, Nick Boles MP, and Steve Quartermain,Chief Planner at DCLG, at which it was made clear that the Minister did not intend to“call- in”the Core Strategy.As a result of this meeting, there was some suggestion that the Council could adopt the Core Strategy alongside a resolution to review the plan early. Steve Quartermain has declined to give any further advice on the use of such a resolution, however there would be both legal and practical implications associated with this approach. There could be an increased risk of legal challenge to the adoption of the Core Strategy,and the weight that could be afforded to the Core Strategy would be diminished if an immediate review was  underway.In addition there is no guarantee that an early review of the Core Strategy(on the basis of current national planning policy) would lead to a materially different spatial strategy and/or scale of growth.

But surely he must have known that if there was exceptional circumstances to release Green Belt it would be perverse to suggest that on the same day there would be exceptional circumstances to put it back in if no change in national policy.  Looks like the PMs wheeze to allow local authorities to reign back in Green Belt releases crashed and burned then.


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