The Length of the Working Class Day

Compare and contrast


Schools should open for up to 12 hours a day to improve results among white working-class children who suffer from an anti-education culture in the home, according to MPs.

The Commons education select committee said longer days should be considered by all schools to give poor British children “space and time” to do their homework.

Economic Manuscripts Chapter 16 

The prolongation of the working-day… forms the general groundwork of the capitalist system…If the labourer wants all his time to produce the necessary means of subsistence for himself and his race, he has no time left in which to work gratis for others. Without a certain degree of productiveness in his labour, he has no such superfluous time at his disposal; without such superfluous time, no surplus-labour, and therefore no capitalists, no slave-owners, no feudal lords, in one word, no class of large proprietors.


One thought on “The Length of the Working Class Day

  1. Except that children in education are not wage-labourers. A distinction that Marx and Engels would have made (albeit when they were writing, leisure time and the ability to devote time to education was a privilege enjoyed by a few). The education of children (the reproduction of the working class), is, however, an essential element of the proper functioning of the economic machinery. This education is paid for by the surplus-value generated via the exploitation of the working class. The British education system was always designed to provide children with the most elementary education.

    Nevertheless, can’t help but support Gove’s ambitions for children to achieve more, and to challenge the prevailing left view that poverty is an absolute obstacle.

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