Guardian on Osborne’s Brownfield Plan


Boris’s Housebuilding Zones Plan.  Yes moving towards a zoning and subdivison based approach internationally leads to greater housebuilding.  But to subdivide you need a masterplan, which means proactive planning not neoloberal ideological abolition of plans.  Housebuildings Zones require proactive government and local government driven masterplanning and zoning on the continental model.

Under the chancellor’s plan to encourage housebuilding, councils will be required to put in place pre-approved planning permissions on brownfield sites that are suitable for housing. Local authorities will apply local development orders (LDOs) onto sites and the expectation is for over 90% of suitable brownfield land to be covered by 2020. This approach will allow developers to get building sooner, saving them time and money.

The Treasury will create a £5m fund to help local authorities create the first 100 sites with LDOs. Developers may also be given powers to apply directly to central government where councils have not done enough to remove planning obstacles on brownfield sites.


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