Whatever Language Planning Resource Speaks it isnt English

All the love ion the world to our friends at Planning Resource.

But I do wonder sometimes if there sub-editor types headlines into Google Translate originally written in Japenese.  Take for example any randomly chosen set of headlines

Garden city prospect leaves site choice to local discretion

Housing standards review set to leave hole in local plans, summit told

Designs on local control

Enterprise zones create just 10 per cent of promised jobs so far, MPs’ report finds

So here is the new re-written in the Planning Resource house style, and how odd it sounds

Ukraine Maneuvers create Europen Leader Complex

The Russian Army has withdrawn from the Ukraine border, reports say.


Cable Build Garden Cities on Green Belt – Clegg Build Garden Cities Beyond Green Belt – Who is Right?


Britain needs to build 300,000 houses a year, more than double the current number and including some on green belt land, or risk pushing house price inflation up to dangerous levels, the business secretary has said.

Vince Cable said difficult decisions needed to be made about building garden cities on green belt land, and that proposals to reduce demand by paring back government’s Help to Buy scheme missed the bigger problem of a lack of supply.

Cable has long warned about house price inflation, but his latest remarks are his most serious yet, and reflect frustration at the way in which David Cameron’s reforms to planning laws have done little to unleash supply.

He told ITV news: “There is an enormous gap between what’s needed, which is probably 300,000 houses a year as my party is advocating, and what we’re currently getting, which is 125,000 to 130,000. We are way short on the housing supply which is needed.

“I think what’s happening is worrying for many families, particularly low income and middle income families who can no longer get into the housing market. It means that people who can get mortgages are piling up private debt. It’s potentially creating financial instability, as the governor [of the Bank of England] has warned.”

Cable said that double-digit house price inflation in London meant prices were now higher than in 2007.

“In the short run the problem is that housing inflation is getting to dangerous levels and building new houses is necessary. Very large numbers of middle income families and indeed quite prosperous families can no longer get into the housing market.”

“We are in future going to have to take tough decisions about using green belt areas for new planned cities, garden cities for example,” he said.

Cable is, if you had to choose, but both are right.  Although the primary purpose of Garden Cities is to build housing beyond the Green Belt saving unnecessary loss of Green Belt, the Green Belt in some areas, notably the metropolitan Green Belt around London, has grown so large that without massive infrastructure investment in rail, which will take 15 years to deliver, some Green Belt loss is inevita;e if housing need in teh SE is to be met within a reasonable timescale.  I’m talking about the mid term 10+ years as Garden Cities and strategic sites cant be buiolt over night.  We are talking about reducing the next housing bubble after the next housing bubble.  I think any housing planner in the South East who has done the number knows this but would only admit it is a room totally out of earshot of any politicians who employ them.

Chesire East Takes Sandbach Ruling to High Court

Place NW

Cheshire East Council is to seek a judicial review over the planning inspectorate’s decision in April to approve an application from Rowland Homes for a 96-home development at Elworth Hall Farm.

The authority said that it had requested that top legal counsel advise the Council about the potential for a realistic judicial review of the decision, and has now announced that it believes it does have scope to review.

In April planning inspector M Middleton upheld the appeal by Rowland Homes for a 96-home development at Elworth Hall Farm in Sandbach.

In the appeal decision letter dated 11 April, the planning inspector identified issues with the council’s proposed pipeline of housing, pointing out that 40% of houses assumed to be delivered within five years do not have planning permission. The document also said that “their early development is by no means a certainty” and that “significant infrastructure requirements will undoubtedly cause delays”.

The council refused a planning application by Rowland Homes in February 2013. As part of the public inquiry the council provided the planning inspectorate with a document outlining its revised five-year land position. The council has lost a string of housing appeals at inquiry in the past two years as inspectors found it could not meet the legal requirement to show five years of deliverable housing plots.

Cheshire East Council said that it vigorously contests these claims.

Cllr Michael Jones, leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “This was a very important planning decision, which was produced in a way which left many members of the public concerned.

“I am pleased to see that we will be asking a judge to review this decision – especially on the issue of our having a five-year supply of housing land.

“I have always promised the people of Sandbach, and of Cheshire East as a whole, that we will do everything we can to defend our greenbelt and green gap spaces – and this is no exception.

“We are committed to protect our countryside from unplanned, unwanted and unsustainable development.”

In December, Cheshire East served papers in the High Court challenging the planning inspector’s decision to approve Seddon Homes and Taylor Wimpey’s joint development of 160 homes at Congleton Road in Sandbach. The Council’s appeal was dismissed by the High Court yesterday.