Shock Horror as Pickles Flys a None English Flag Unlawfully on Government Building

Of all of the uses of hard earned tax payers money why should a penny of it be spent propagandising an advert for an area that is not even part of the United Kingdom – some one should put a stop to this pravdarisation of English government.

Note Jersey is not part of the UK, not part of the EU, and not a country.  So none of the exemptions from the advert regs apply.  Disgraceful.  Send out an enforcement officer and bang him up up with the pykies.

Update:  The DCLG responded that the regs have an exmption for the ‘national flag’ of the ‘channel islands – as in those cases the ‘channel islands’ is defined as a country. no this is not the national flag of the channel islands – there is no such flag- it is the flag of the Balliwick of Jersey – its a cock up in drafting the advert regs.  Lock Pickles up for hypocrisy and xenophobia (as well as his obsessions with flags and crown green bowling) now.




3 thoughts on “Shock Horror as Pickles Flys a None English Flag Unlawfully on Government Building

  1. Read the top paragraph of the second page of that PDF – for the purposes of flag protocol Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories count as countries!

    The fact that these islands have chosen to remain British rather than declare independence highlights the proud association these places have with the British crown.

    God Save The Queen.

    • Touche – rather spoils the comic potential of this event though 😦 Anyway Jersey is clearly a country for purposes of flying the flag and not otherwise. However the crown in question is the queen of Normandy not the queen of England. and Jersey observes Norman French Law. A proclamation in English law cannot redefine the definition of Crown in Norman law which Jersey uses, and it is Jerseys definition of crown which matters not Englands. Jersey is a crown dependency in medieval Norman French Law and English law recognizes this ex poste facto. English law has no power to define what is a crown dependency and what is a country – this is entirely dependent on where Jersey alleges its allegiance to – which in this case is the King of Normandy – currently and through succession Queen Liz. So Eric, you have no power to define the status of Jersey in advert regs or otherwise and in any event the crown is a different crown.

  2. A visit to Bristol to see Jeremy Deller’s English Magic at the Museum & Gallery there is highly recommended. It’s the show he put on for the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale last year, and as well as William Morris rising from the dead to hurl Roman Abramovich’s vast yacht across the Grand Canal (because it was blocking the view) it includes a mural depicting the 2017 St Helier riots. This is when the citizens of Jersey rise up, sick of being portrayed as the tax-dodgers friend, and burn the headquarters of the local administration.

    It’s on until 21st September, and there’s much more, and it’s all fascinating, even the array of drab Russian tokens that were given to workers in newly privatised (oligarchised?) industries in exchange for all kinds of rights. Right now we seem to be heading that way, via St Helier.

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