Boles Admits that with #NPPF there is ‘nothing in place to protect [villages] from unwanted developments.”

Telegraph – what an admission.  Now stand up and say that in Parliament and see how long you stay minister.  Contrast this with specious lies from Greg Clarke who at l;east pretended that the NPPF would give some protection.

The planning minister has been urged to apologise to a Conservative member of parliament for “costing him his seat” at the next general election.

Nick Boles was told by a life-long Conservative voter that Neil Carmichael, MP for Stroud in Gloucestershire, would lose his seat in a backlash against the Government planning reforms.

Many Conservative MPs in rural marginal seats fear they could be punished by voters angered by the loosening of planning restrictions.

Mr Boles was addressing a public meeting at Leonard Stanley Village Hall when he was confronted by Jolyon Neely, a resident, who said Mr Boles had cost the Tories the chance of re-election.

He said: “Are you going to apologise to Mr Carmicahel and other Conservative MPs across the country that hold marginal seats? I have voted Conservative my whole life but I will not be doing so next year.”

Residents in the area recently successfully fought off an application for 150 homes on a green field between two villages. The developer has appealed.

Because the area has not adopted a local plan for housing development as required by the new planning rules, there are fears the Planning Inspectorate will rule in favour of the developers.

Mr Boles said: “The whole point of the Government’s planning policy is for every area to draw up a local plan to ensure that the needs of the local area are met.”

“When communities are left without a local plan that is when the problems arise as there is nothing in place to protect them from unwanted developments.”

He rules out allowing local areas to “pause” housing developments until local plans are put in place, saying it will result in little house building.



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