This is a Garden City (honest) #GardenCity

Some of My favorites for stretching the term.


Ajman Garden City.  If you want cheap and not so cheerful housing – with an conference of international urban planning expertese ‘sponsered by the University of Wolverhampton’ Ajman is your place.

Zenzou Garden City China – a real image not a joke – what not build a garden city on the roof of a mega mall.  You could fit Letchworth on top of Dubai Mall.


Westfield Garden City Perth – From the biggest mall developers in the world in the most provincial city in the world.  What could possibly go right.

Kampala Garden City – Designed by the British – landscape only plots for housing. Now the knobs/Ngos/Embassies quarter.  Miss it.


Mirny Garden City – Amazing what you can turn the worlds biggest hole in Eastern Siberia into (still at design stage)


Letchworth?  No Forest Hills Gardens in  New York State


 Village of Garden City Long island – unfair a mid 19th planned community around 5 railways stations.  Likley EH got the term, and concept of teh social city, from this development from his first states visit.  Now famous for zoining to keep out black people and losing court battle to do so.

Village Nature planned in France


Garden City Kansas – just try crossing the road.

Dresden Hellerau Garden City – better than  Letchworth even and Unwin would have agreed.


Zlin Garden City Czech Republic – very nice, especially if you are a fan of Bata shoes (who isnt).

Even Sau Paulo has one – Alto de Pinheiros

And Mexico City even Lomas de Chapultepec

Powell River Britsih Columbia – the whole town a national monument.

Another of my Favorites Tiong Bahru in Singapore. Built by the chinese  Ironically the Singaporians and from them the Chinese learned from this they medium rise housing could not scale or be built fast enough to cope with rapid urbaanisation.

There are hundreds, only England stopped building them, please send in your favorites.  I am trying to search for my favoritesovient built contructivist example in the Baltic, ill try and remember.


3 thoughts on “This is a Garden City (honest) #GardenCity

  1. New Earswick is the classic Garden Suburbs, the other three are of course pro Garden Cities poredating the ovment. Both Lever and Bournville of course were on the GCTPA executive and great supporters of Hopward

  2. Great examples Andrew. With the resurrection of the Garden City concept in the UK, I’ve linked to this post of yours from my own blog at BigHappyCity – would welcome your comments.

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