A Cold Wet Drizzly Day – in Dubai!

The taxi driver was perplexed – he had lived here for 17 years.  Some years it did not rain at all.  Other years for one days or so and then usually only for a few heavy minutes – and at the height of ‘winter’ in Jan or Feb, not the end of March, which would normally have been racing ever upwards to the 35 plus degrees seen in April, instead the days have been either pleasantly cool (mostly) or even in the evenings slightly chilly.

This year has seen rain, often heavy, on 6 days, and slow drizzle and spits and spats (very unusual in the gulf)  on quite a few few occasions more.  Overcast skys are common.  Yesterday it rained all day and was quite chilly, was almost like London.

Parts of low lying areas have become marshy.  By the coast in Ajman the seafront is flooded, and with its seafront stalls, pier, sad british pub on the beach, and donkey (sorry Camel) reminds me nowhere as much as Worthing on a soggy June day.

Reports say birds never seen before are wintering along parts of the coast in the wettest winter on record.  Of course ‘wet’ here s relative, its dryer than Cambridgeshire in Winter by a long shot but I have frequently seen people out with brollies, that must before have been the slowest moving item in a mall in the desert.

One thought on “A Cold Wet Drizzly Day – in Dubai!

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