Boles Telling One thing to HBF and Pins, and Another to Reigate MP and Cllrs

So Mr Boles if government policy has not changed, as said in Pitt Letter 2 and at the HBF conference how can Christopher Blunt MP say the following?

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Meanwhile, Reigate MP Crispin Blunt, who has lobbied hard against the council’s green belt release in its local plan, yesterday revealed that he had had a “constructive meeting” with Boles at Westminster. Also present, according to Blunt, was England’s chief planner Steve Quartermain, and the chair of Reigate Council’s planning committee Mark Brunt.

In a statement, Blunt said: “The meeting with Nick Boles was extremely constructive, and I am now optimistic that green fields in the green belt, the so-called urban extensions, will not be made available for development.

“Following today’s meeting, I am confident these additional measures can be secured. I am pleased that I could link-up Mark and Nick for this discussion to take place, and it is now for councillors to progress.”

Either Government Policy has not changed, and R&B, BANES, York, Coventry etc. etc. exminations stand, or it does not and they stand in tatters.

The first tests will be in the coming weeks at the Ashfield and Bury EIPS.

Idf I was an inspector I would be writing to Anchorman asking

Can I recommend a strategic Green Belt Review if the LPA doesnt want one and does not meet OA need.

If I was the HBF I would be writing asking how, given the government defense at the recent Thundersely JR was that the NPPF provided ‘clear incentives’ to carry out plan/Green belt reviews what those incentives are now, even what incentives there are for Green Belt authorities to do local plans at all, if inspectors cannot recommend Green Belt reviews.

If I was the CPRE I would also be writing asking for the R&Bs, BANES etc.  what recourse is available to them if they would have preferred to keep Green Belt boundaries as they were were it not for inspectors recommendations.

It will only take a few weeks to unravel, Boles is either lying to either Crispin Bluent, or he is lying to the HBF.  The gambit of lying your way out of Green Belt travails wont last until the General Election.

What the Budget Said About Garden Cities and Planning

I missed the Budget today seemingly spending most of the day in the back of a car on the phone to the Netherlands about a project in Egypt, and 4 hours in a queue to be  being x rayed to ensure im not importing TB, don’t ask, but infinitely preferable to listening to Gideon’s nasel drone and him having planning policy turned through as many angles as the new 1 pound coin.

In the South East where the pressure is greatest we’re going to build new homes in Barking Riverside, regenerate Brent Cross, and build the first new Garden City in almost a hundred years at Ebbsfleet.

We’re going to build 15,000 homes there, put in the infrastructure, set up the development corporation and make it happen.

I thank my Honourable Friends for Dartford and Gravesham for their tremendous support. And we will be publishing a prospectus on the future of Garden Cities.

And in the Red Book.

2.26 Garden City prospectus – The government will publish a prospectus by Easter 2014
setting out how interested local authorities could develop their own, locally-led proposals for
bringing forward new garden cities.

take further action to boost housing supply by extending the Help to Buy: equity loan
scheme, creating a £500 million Builders Finance Fund to provide loans to SME housing
developers, and creating an Urban Development Corporation for a new garden city in

And ‘sigh’ another stupid idea from Alex ‘half baked’ Morton gets thrown in.

1.142 For people who want to build their own home, the government will consult on creating a new ‘Right to Build’, giving custom builders a right to a plot from councils, and a £150 million repayable fund to help provide up to 10,000 serviced plots for custom build. The government will also look to make the Help to Buy: equity loan scheme available for custom build.


New garden city
1.145 The government will support a new Garden City at Ebbsfleet. Ebbsfleet has capacity for up to 15,000 new homes, based on existing brownfield land. To date, under 150 homes have been built on the largest site. The government will form a dedicated Urban Development Corporation for the area, in consultation with local MPs, councils and residents, to drive forward the creation of Ebbsfleet Garden City, and will make up to £200 million of infrastructure funding available to kick start development. This will represent the first new
garden city since Welwyn Garden City in 1920.
1.146 The government will also publish a prospectus by Easter 2014, setting out how local authorities could develop their own, locally-led proposals for bringing forward new garden cities.

Reform of the planning system
1.147 The government has taken decisive steps to improve and streamline the planning system. To support businesses and households further, the government will review the General Permitted Development Order. The refreshed approach is based on a three-tier system to decide the appropriate level of permission, using permitted development rights for small-scale changes, prior approval rights for development requiring consideration of specific issues, and planning permission for the largest scale development [Err isnt this the Dobry report type system I recommended on this blog a few months ago rather than the confusing hotch potch we have been heading towards] . As part of this, the government will consult on specific change of use measures, including greater flexibilities for change to residential use, for example from warehouses and light industry structures, and allowing businesses greater flexibilities to expand facilities such as car parks and loading bays within existing boundaries, where there is little impact on local communities.