Budget to Give Green Light to Garden Citie(s)? – in MKSM – The Wolfson Prize Winner?

Now we know where the overspill from The Green Belt u turn will go – but Garden Cities, though helpful, are a long term solution, Boles has created a short term crisis.


The government [in the Budget] …is expected to revive a plan for new conurbations in the south east. David Cameron, prime minister, had previously said he backed the concept but went cold on the idea after ministers warned of a public backlash in Tory constituencies. Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, is understood to have won a deal that will see the plan resurrected – although the location of the new towns may not be clarified.

As long as they are not Gerrards Cross and Yalding.  Since when was Letchworth a ‘conurbation’?


George Osborne will announce plans to build the first new garden city in Britain for 40 years in his Budget next week, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

The Chancellor will say that the government wants to build a new settlement with tens of thousands of homes to help solve the housing crisis.

Ministers were yesterday still locked in talks about the potential location of the city, with Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire believed to be under consideration.

The announcement in the Budget on Wednesday is likely to trigger a Coalition row, with the Tories and the Liberal Democrats trying to take credit for the policy.

Earlier this year Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, said David Cameron had to be “upfront and honest” and publish a secret Whitehall “prospectus” into garden cities.

However, the Tories have come under growing pressure to fulfil a pledge made by Mr Cameron in 2012 to “apply the principles of garden cities” to new settlements.

A source close to Mr Osborne said: “The announcement will be for a real plan for a real place rather than a vague booklet of ideas, which is what Nick Clegg has been pushing for with his prospectus. This is the Chancellor’s pet scheme.”

So are civil servants rushing to identify a real place in thew few days before the Budget?  Remeber the Wolfson prize deadline was the 3rd of March . so the judges and civil servants have had two weeks to assess entries (I and many others were simply too busy to submit entries). Of course nop SEA and no consultation – have theyt learned nothing from the Ecotowns fiasco?  You really couldn’t make it up.

If you are going to do it here do it big and link it to HS2.  Possible if trains are very lightweight on the Japenese model and can accellerate/stop quicikly and if accesslerating/decceratling lines in key sections.  The trouble is the best locations within the current HS2 alignment, such as providing a Warwick/Coventry Parkway, are in the Green Belt, (see previous Arden City posts) which somewhat defeats the political purpose.  Sites further south would require major new road infrastructure as they are m,ostly in the middle of nowhere – though of provided a site somewhere in the Brackly area, where it would cross the planned POxford/Cambridge rail link, would be attractive, especially as these would link s a high tech growth node.  Do I win the 250,000?



One thought on “Budget to Give Green Light to Garden Citie(s)? – in MKSM – The Wolfson Prize Winner?

  1. You’re bang on about the Brackley-area Garden City having a very large range of potential HS2 / E-W rail benefits as well as being relatively unconstrained.

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