10 Year Plan and Sherwood Forest Could Sink Ashfield Local Plan

He came to Sherwood Forest with a feather in his cap
A fighter never looking for a fight
His bow was always ready and he kept his arrows sharp
He used them to fight for what was right

Inspectors Initial Questions for Exploratory Meeting

Lots and lots of concerns.

  • Concerns over the DTC and housing numbers over housing plans that only run till 2024
  • G&T provision only running to 2016, failure of public sector equality duty
  • No joiny SHMA relies on 2008 sub national projections, no consideration of backlog, no consideration of Greater Nottingham overspill.
  • Sites not meeting any Green Belt Purposes retained as Green Belt, review not startegic as only covers 10 years.  To demonstarte ‘exceptional circumstances’ all reasonable alternatives outside the Green Belt have been considered and found unsuitable.
  • Unclear from SA why preferred housing sites have been chosen.
  • No proper assessment of landscape impact of sites
  • Impact of proposed Sherwood Forest Special Protection Area.

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