Osborne Planning Reforms ‘Clearly Working’

Guardian on his House of Lords Select Appearance

“I think the planning reforms are clearly working. You see planning applications up, planning approvals up, and the percentage of planning approvals up,” he said. “It is having I think a positive effect on creating new homes and those homes are being built in appropriate places.

So a slump in plan sound findings is a success, so the lowest level of completions since the 1920s is a success, so applications to see villages double or triple in size are a”appropriate places.’


3 thoughts on “Osborne Planning Reforms ‘Clearly Working’

  1. The villages in my area fell into the ‘gentrification’ trap decades ago. An unholy alliance between money-rich & time-rich retired ‘blow in’ NIMBYs, self-important Parish Councils, vote seeking District Councillors and over-cautious planning departments can usually block village developments. The villages are now paying for their defensiveness – they are being FORCED to take large blocks of housing. Perhaps if they had approved 5 or 10 well-designed houses each & every year then maybe they wouldn’t be in this situation today.

  2. Or it could just be people who wanted to live in a village rather than a town. Some developers are taking village development to extremes, particularly when now, thanks to almost ubiquitous car ownership, they fall into rich-picking commuter territory, though they would prefer to keep the myth of the village for infrastructure cost purposes. We really have to decide whether we want city/town/village/hamlet or just towns and cities. Population increase means either higher density cities and towns or everyone taking the load and seeing many villages disappear. This has to be a strategic decision.

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