Architect of #NPPF calls ‘Duty to Cooperate’ ‘Duty to Cave in’

John Howells MP here

Many developers have seen the NPPF as having 5 years to bed in. If so, it is already doing well. But to do this fully, more needs to be made of the duty to co-operate without it becoming a duty to cave–in.

Does this mean. Like Eric Pickles calling the application of the duty, ‘terrorism’, they are having second thoughts? Of course the duty is not a duty to agree and providing an LPA can agree a framework with the overspilling LPA on how to choose the most sustinable sites it need not mean automatcially taking overpill need.

He also said

Rather than become a millstone round the necks of local planners, the NPPF has been embraced as the framework it was always intended to be.

Embraced in the sense of losing appeals and losing teh funding for your job ues, embraced with enthusiasm no.  After all plan production has slowed and plan adoption almnost to a halt.  John Howells is delusional the planning system is far more confrontational with far more central intervention than it ever was.


2 thoughts on “Architect of #NPPF calls ‘Duty to Cooperate’ ‘Duty to Cave in’

  1. There is new data on local plan adoption on the PINS section of the planning portal now, which shows that the impact of the NPPF has been much less dramatic than your blog suggests. Rather than looking at how many plans submitted during 2013 were also adopted during 2013 as your earlier post suggested (a very high bar to cross for most of those, with 9 months between submission and adoption even with a fair wind) I have looked at how many plans have been adopted each year from 2006. The analysis is limited to “strategic” plans (ie local plans/core strategies). The figures are 2006:1 2007:13 2008:21 2009:18 2010:23 2011:50 2012:32 2013:21 which show a gradual rise to a peak in 2011 and then a gradual drop off after that. I take this to show the initial difficulties of the LDF system being worked out by LPAs, and then the inevitable slow-down associated with significant national policy changes. The NPPF /duty to cooperate has had an impact, but local plan adoption hasn’t screeched to a halt by any means.

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