Sevenoaks (adopted 2011) the Latest Zombie Plan – loses 4 appeals on housing supply

The infection is spreading almost nowhere is safe.  Thanks to @GregoryJonesQC for tweeting.

Here is one at Broom Hill. 


The key issue was as Sevonoaks was severely contrained by Green Belt the SEP allocated it a housing number well below need.

the need for housing as assessed will not nearly be met by the adopted housing supply targets arrived at in the CS, which is greatly reduced from the need actually identified because of the constraint represented by the district’s Green Belt. The substantial difference between that assessed and that included in the CS will not be made up in other nearby areas and there has been no attempt as yet to cooperate with neighbouring authorities….gets from when the CS targets were decided and now with The Framework. Previous advice in Planning Policy Statement 3 [PPS3] required provision of a sufficient quantity of housing taking into account need and demand. The Framework indicates that local planning authorities should use their evidence base to ensure that their Local Plan meets the full, objectively assessed needs for market and affordable housing in the housing market area. The emphasis has changed in The Framework and, in my view, this is an important material consideration.


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