Boris’s Hypocracy Over ‘Cleggton Keynes’ with a London Plan that Doesnt Deliver

Breathtaking pap from Boris in his Telegraph article today

He wants new cities in the Home Counties, he says – and he is going to fight until he gets his way. There is an arc of opportunity around London, according to Clegg, in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Kent; and there he proposes to plonk his colossal new Cleggograds and Cleggopolises.
Into the immemorial loam of England the diggers will bite – chomping their shiny steel tines through Saxon burial grounds, ripping up coppices planted by the Normans. Views that have delighted the eye since the Middle Ages will be lost for ever. Rolling hills will be submerged beneath the crawling roofs of Cleggton Keynes. And then there will be the access roads scything through the valleys, the vast new service stations, the multiplexes, the shopping centres.
But Boris has been sending his planners out into the Home Counties for several months now asking them to find sites for the overspill housing from London.
Boris draws a quiet veil over this.

 There is no need to impose a series of new cities on the lush fields of the South East. It is far too early to start a war – and it will be a vicious and protracted war – with the green-wellied Swampies of the Home Counties.

Nick Clegg should have a look at the London Plan – which I bet he hasn’t even read – and the further alterations that we have announced this week. He will find a massive 1,000-page vision for addressing the housing shortage.

The problem is as we revealed on this blog and as many commentators have said it has a have a shortfall in London of 227,000 homes till 2025, and likely over half a million by 2036. The plan is not even supported byu evidence as the housing targets in the plan for boroughs are not suppoted by his hown strategic land study.  I can only think he made them up.

Boris seems to partially accept this as he pulls his rabbit out of a hat a proposal that is not even in his plan.  A proposal to relocate Heathrow.

 You would also release a suburban area now occupied by an airport – and you would have space to accommodate 200,000 people, as well as university campuses and hi-tech industry. …That is where you build the garden city.

The problem is that this would never pass examination in the London Plan review as no decision on it has yet been made.  TheDavies Commission says you wouldnt even need additional runway capacity till after 2030, by which time even with Boris International Airport at Hoo London would have a shortage of 300,000 homes.  So Boris start looking for that site for Cleggton Keynes now if you want your London Plan to get through.  Without it your plan will be undeliverable and likely to be challenged by every Green belt authority around London for simply exporting housing needs to them and making it impossible for them to pass new local p[lans without massive Green Belt loss.



3 thoughts on “Boris’s Hypocracy Over ‘Cleggton Keynes’ with a London Plan that Doesnt Deliver

  1. I can’t quite work out how you have come to the 227,000 short fall?

    In terms of evidence base, a skim of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment shows that the Borough targets can be traced directly to table 3.16 of that document.

    • Boris assumes that the rate of production of brownfield sites will continue forover, however industrial sites turned over are a one off. He projects the yield forward after the end poiunt of the SHLAA and even then there is a shortfall as the need annualised is much higher and shoots up

  2. I’m sorry, housing is entirely planned like births. Or rather should be. I believe in Malthus and in Betjeman. Yes we need more homes, but not more just to keep construction going for its own sake. If I want every generation to be ‘Bob the Builder’ and build everywhere then that is not exactly my idea of civilisation. How’s about a few more leisure sites and tourism? Or are you really just in love with bricks and mortar for its own sake?

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