Castlepoint Agrees Local Plan – But only meeting Half of Housing Need

Casstlepoint has finally agreed a local plan for consultation, if they can anyone canm even those famously slow laggards Basoldon, Brentwood and Epping forest.  But against an objective need for 400 units a year it allocates land for 200.  Even so it dedesignates over 700 units worth of Green Belt land and its SHLAA indicates only 3 other potential sites all of which have strong reasons for no allocating them.  Flood risk and narrow gaps between towns makes Castlepoint highly constrained.

Confusingly it quoutes the South Essex SHMA as reasons for undershooting.  It is not s SHMAs place to do so it is a purely objective assessment of need.  The issue of where housing should go needs to come in a duty to cooperate agreement not a SHAM.  the SHMA was published before the latest census figures and is way out of date and there is no agreement across South Essex as to where overspill should go let alone any overspill from the London plan.

It seems inevitable that there should be major growth at Basildon to take some of this growth and potentially a Garden City or two in Essex.


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