Stratford Local Plan – Now No Longer concentrating on Gaydon New Town as Preferred Option

I’m informed that the next round of consultation will  consult on five new  potential strategic sites five sites for inclusion: i.e Long Marston (the former BARD new Town site),  Southam,  Stoneythorpe,  Stratford East and Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath. All five sites are being considered on an equal footing with the full reports due to be completed in March 2014. No longer all in one basket at Gaydon/Lightthorne Heath, which frankly is unlikely to come first compared to other sites.

I can’t see Stoneythorpe (at Soaytham) being major, or the Outher Southam proposal.  Southam is a very small town not suited to take the major growth for the district.  We all know the problems with major growth at Long Marsden.  Which leaves Stratford East.  This certainly has it problems but is not very sensitive in landscape terms.  The big problem is lack of schools east of the Avon in Stratford and the limited capacity of the one Bridge to that area.  The solutuin would be an additional crossing of the Avon to the North linking to a missing Eastern arm of the ring road.  If the development was of a sufficient scale then development could pay for it.  This has been thought about as a solution for many years however the fact that bthere always seemed a better site to meet the limited growth numbers in the WM RSS never put it foresquare in consideration.  The situation has changed now witgh the inspector at the Shottery Inquiry implying that housing numbers will need to dramatically increase.  

Some development in the SE of the District preferably with access to teh Chiltern Line) may be necessary to meet overspill from Warwick and Brum, but as this area is in a e housing market area – in fact on the cusp of two with commuters going north to Brum and South to Banbury rather than west to Stratford, it will not, repeat will not meet Stratford’s overspill needs.

I suspect the BARD site will be allowed a few hundred more units too because Stratford East cannot be delivered in the short term.


One thought on “Stratford Local Plan – Now No Longer concentrating on Gaydon New Town as Preferred Option

  1. As part of the new consultation they will be using a housing figure of 11800 (pretty close to the GLHearn figure of 12000 that has been floating around for the last 3-4 years and formed the basis of the SoS Shottery decision).

    Makes you wonder why Councillors wasted at least 12 months of consultation time trying to impose the figure of 9500, which had “unsound” written all over it!

    During the wasted 12 months, the area has been inundated with unwanted bolt-on housing estate applications (Zahawi’s “rapacious” developers no less).

    Another example of Nimbyism being responsible for estates that will desecrate the countryside for generations to come…..

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