Boles Gagged by Number 10 from making Pro-Development Speeches

From yesterday’s Telegraph – Predictable given the backbench alarm.  So he will carry on doing exactly the same things but make less speeches I presume.  I guess this comes after targetted polling

Mr Cameron’s apparent cooling on garden cities comes as Nick Boles, the planning minister, was told to “tone down” his aggressive rhetoric on planning.

No 10 has warned Mr Boles to stop making uncompromising speeches about development over fears that his language was alienating voters in rural constituencies.


2 thoughts on “Boles Gagged by Number 10 from making Pro-Development Speeches

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  2. May it is time that the Conservative leadership left London and visited the rural heartland of our country. What we are up against is the opinion of big city politicians advising based on their chosen environment and changing the small rural countryside into an urban sprawl which dose not have the sustainable infrastructure to support such expansion. Unfortunately only the village residents realise the true implications of such ravaging of our countryside. Surely there must be enough Politicians with enough courage and determination to resist Parte Whips and leadership dictates to force respect for beloved countryside. Come on MP’s do what you were elected for represent you electorate.

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