@NickBolesMP Why say Labour would dump ‘urban’ housing on neighbours when you advocated that 2 @nickherbertmp


Mr Boles claimed that the biggest threat to the green belt was Ed Miliband’s plans to “allow urban councils to dump development on their rural neighbors”.

A few weeks ago Nick Herberts letter after the Hasting core Strategy Decision which you drew his and other MPs attention to

I would like to draw to your attention to Hastings Borough Council’s plan.  This proposed a housing number that was HALF their objectively assessed housing need. …This case was drawn to my attention by the Planning Minister when I raised these issues with him.

Why – because Hastings was tightly constrained, like many of the ‘right to grow’ authorities.  And what has happened.  Rother district adjoining now finds overnight that its housing target has DOUBLED overnight. See here.  Because of the NPPF requiring objective need to be met in full, ‘including unmet requirements from neighbouring authorities where it is reasonable to do so.’ (para. 182 )

See my Article ‘Don’t panic, its duty to cooperate chaos in Dad’s Army Land’ 

Of course Rother being over 80% AONB will now have to ‘dump’ its shortfall of housing on errrr Tunbridge Wells and Ashford which adjoin it!

Don’t get political with this Nick.  The ‘Right to Grow’ is simply a variant of the ‘Duty to Cooperate’ with the timescale compressed and in some ways just as badly thought through and no substitute for proper ‘larger than local’ planning/


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