Alex ‘Half Baked’ Morton moves to Number 10 Policy Unit


Someone on Twitter described him as the ‘brains’ behind government housing and planning policy, that is certainly describing the wrong anatomical area, after all the government in following Policy Exchange Policy has seen:

  • Housing completions fall to the lowest level since the 1920s
  • A collapse in affordable house building
  • Affordable Housing redefined so they 4/5 households in London can’t afford it.
  • A failed localist experiment which saw over 300,000 units knocked off development plans since the election, only for the same units to be forced back into plans again by the NPPF and appeals.
  • Local councils, developers and the government at war as the planning system has become more conflict ridden than it has ever been.
  • A chaotic appeals driven planning system.

This can only be described as a success in the same way banging your head against a brick wall is a good thing because it feels so much better when you stop.



One thought on “Alex ‘Half Baked’ Morton moves to Number 10 Policy Unit

  1. Says a lot about the mindset of this government, when the Chancellor uses his ideas, ‘ will seek off the most expensive council houses…’. Such comments clearly hide the government’s ambitions to make all forms of social housing an alien concept and create a country where everybody owns their own property. It also hides an ambition to make those areas that contain ‘the most expensive council houses’, the exclusive remit of the privileged few that can afford to live there. After all, we can’t have the propety values of Dave and George’s wealthy mates diminished by having the working classes living in their areas can we.

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