No Gary Marsh Expectations on the Duty to Cooperate have Not Changed

Planning Resource has a statement by Mid Sussex on the news of their DTC fail which we broke earlier today.

In a statement, Mid Sussex District Council said that Councillors are “frustrated” by the inspector’s verdict. The statement said that the council will carefully consider the inspector’s comments and will do whatever is required to secure a successful local plan as soon as possible…

“Many residents left the last hearing feeling the odds were stacked against the district council in its attempt to agree a local plan in the face of opposition from those with vested interests, such as developers.”

Gary Marsh, Mid Sussex District Council’s cabinet member for planning, said: “I feel we have been unfairly treated and it would seem that the expectations about what is required by councils under the duty to cooperate have changed in recent months and we will be making that point to the inspector.”

Anyone who has read of the many DTC fails on this site will know that they have not changed.  Rather some authorities like Mid Sussex have pursued a political agenda, I presume in the face of officers advice, that they are likely to fail.  Indeed the writing has been on the wall for Mid Sussex since Brighton sent them a formal DTC notice to take overspill need Exactly One Year Ago.

How ridiculous now to blame ‘vested interests’  aren’t those living in Brighton, Crawley, Worthing, Littlehampton etc.  living in overcrowded accommodation every bit as much as legitimate a local interest as someone living in Haywards Heath or Hassoks?

But we have seen many times ridiculous bad tempered statements by council leaders on this website, sitting Canute like hoping against hope that the planning system and housing need will somehow one day go away before their plan gets found out.


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