Core Strategy Followed by Later Allocations Plan may Make the CS unsound

Central Lincs examination – its all about deliverability.

Please do better boys you have to go through five clicks to fund they are at EiP.

From the inspectors briefing note.

The Joint Strategic Planning Committee (JSPC) has, for clearly justified reasons, not submitted one overall Local Plan for its area (NPPF paragraph 153) but has continued with its previous work on the submitted CS. This is to be followed by an Allocations Plan, which is due to be adopted around August 2016.
This means that there will be a gap of about 3 years between the two plans – possibly more if the Allocations Plan timetable slips or if development allocated in
the Allocations Plan is delayed. It is this potential ‘delivery gap’ between the two Plans which concerns me.

The simple solution here – as at BANES- is to allocate strategic sites now to ensure you have sufficient supply in your first 5/6 year period.  The recently rightly has been back to comprehensive local plans.


There is no evidence on the need for gypsy and traveller sites, and no allocations are made in policy CL16. I understand that a needs assessment will be available in early December 2013. Government advice in its ‘Planning policy for traveller sites’ makes it clear that plans should identify sites (paragraph 9). The JSPC will no doubt be aware of the partial Reports issued to plans examined at Chorley and South Ribble where the lack of such allocations made those plans not sound. Similar warnings have been given to Leeds over the lack of a needs assessment.

And I would add Hull.


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