S Glocs – Has the ‘Sedgefield’ method had its day in favour of the Liverpool’ Method?

For housing wonks/

Will Upton pointed me to the Greater Norwich Inspectors report which found in favour of the Liverpool method.  That was a special case in that it was a partially remitted plan and the rest of the area used (pre NPPF)  the Liverpool method.  I have previously blogged on here that taken nationally the Sedgefield approach is impractical as the numbers quickly go exponential meaning you might as well do away with plans and strategic allocations as you would always be allowing piecemeal development.

I think the South Glocs decision is much more definitive paras. 95 onwards.  As the inspector said ‘There is no indication in the NPPF, however, that one method is preferable to the other.’ and simply and wisely went on what was practical.



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