If Parliament Debates Local Plans Whats The Point of Localism or Local Allocations

It looks like MPs now realise that they are a losing wicket fighting at Examinations as Inspectors stand inlieu of the SoS.

Coventry Telegraph

The controversial Borough Plan for Nuneaton and Bedworth is to be put under the spotlight in the House of Commons.

Nuneaton MP Marcus Jones has secured a Parliamentary debate over an issue which has caused waves of protests from residents’ groups.

The plan, being prepared by the Labour-controlled council, is designed to shape the economic and social development of the borough for the next 15 years.

Proposals include building 7,000 new homes – with almost half of them earmarked for two wards, St Nicolas and Weddington – and petitions and letters of objection followed a series of public consultation sessions held during the summer.

Opposition councillors have also spoken out against the plan – labelled as “unfair and unbalanced” – and it is now listed for discussion in the Commons chamber on Friday.

Mr Jones said: “I am delighted that I have been able to secure this debate with the Planning Minister because many people in Nuneaton are very concerned at what is a flawed plan from Labour.

“There is a lot of concern over the way the consultation process has been carried out, with evidence being overlooked and proposals seeming very much like a political fix.

“Residents also fear the consequence of large scale developments, which don’t seem to have adequate or realistic infrastructure to support them, and don’t take into account the effect on the settled community.

“In many ways we need new development, but that needs a proper vision and buy-in from the public.

“At the moment, local people feel that they are being completely ignored.”

Mr Jones added: “During the debate, I hope to get the minister to understand the anxiety in Nuneaton over this process and most importantly to get these issues on the record so that the independent Planning Inspector, who has to sign off these local plans, knows exactly why local people are so concerned.”

The final Borough Plan will focus on the long-term future of Nuneaton and Bedworth and replaces the Local Plan which was adopted in 2006.

Responses to the “preferred options” consultation are currently being considered and Coun Danny Danny Aldington, cabinet member for planning, said: “There will be a further public consultation before we go to the planning inspector.”


One thought on “If Parliament Debates Local Plans Whats The Point of Localism or Local Allocations

  1. It isn’t as if this affects only his constituency or is a new problem. It affects most of us, has done since the NPPF came into being more than a year ago and I would imagine most of our MPs have been alerted to it by constituents in the past.

    Still, it will be interesting to hear Mr Boles speak on the subject …..

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