Link to the Westminster Hall Debate on Planning and Housing Supply

Here I note the speech by Tony Baldry MP

In effect, the Secretary of State has allowed a policy of first come, first served, with planning permission being given to whichever house builders or developers happen to get their planning applications in earliest. This is not plan-led development; this is not central planning policy—this is planning anarchy.


4 thoughts on “Link to the Westminster Hall Debate on Planning and Housing Supply

  1. And so what would Mr Baldry suggest happens when there is no plan in place?
    What happens when a LPA has been working on a plan for over half a decade with little to no progress, should be stifle all development for that period?

    I’ve no qualms with future development being plan led so long as Council’s are efficient and timely in the delivery of a local plan. However there is a much more urgent need NOW in the short-term that needs to be dealt with first.

  2. Is this a plea for a higher level plan from Mr Robertson of Tewkesbury?
    “Gloucestershire has six council areas, not just three… …however, it is the councils that are not involved in the plan, as well as those that are, that need to co-operate. How does that work?”

  3. It seems Mr Robertson is unintentionally (or intentionally?) pitching for a return to Structure Plans based on County geographies. Surely experience shows that it’s quite arbitrary and unrealistic to only plan within a County when these boundaries in many instances do not respect travel to work patterns or large towns/cities just across the border?

  4. Boundaries are like dominoes – when one goes down with a problem adjoining areas go down too through no fault of their own. Some areas have 3, 4 or 5 boundaries. It makes for a very complex problem only solved by centralisation. Many historical boundaries are arbitrary, with cross-boundary settlements, roads, educational centres etc springing up and with developmental merging of place by loss of green belts and green wedges.

    Perhaps we should change to the French Mairie system – which is pretty much what is happening in London – one area with one mayor and one budget for absolutely everything in it and one decision made locally and beggar worrying about what happens to your neighbours!

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