Doubling of Housing Need leads to Waverley CS Withdrawl

From the Executive Report

The Council commissioned consultants to carry out a new SHMA in July 2013 and although the SHMA is not finalised, the clear indications are that the new figure for housing need will be in the region of 470 homes a year. Work has not yet taken place to ‘test’ whether this level of housing can be accommodated in a sustainable way. However it is inevitable that planning for levels of housing significantly above that proposed in the submitted Core Strategy will result in changes that cannot be accommodated within the Plan as it is currently drawn up.
Continuing with the present examination will cause further delay and cost as it is clear that, in the light of the SHMA findings, there is no prospect that the Plan will be found to be ‘sound’ by the Planning Inspector. It is therefore considered that withdrawing the Plan and starting a process of review and amendment provides the quickest route to getting a new Plan adopted.