Cherwell May JR 4 Recovered Appeal Approvals in Prematurity Row


Cherwell DC is seeking legal advice after communities secretary, Eric Pickles, overturned the refusal of four major planning applications.

The council initially refused the applications, but they were later granted approval upon appeal by Mr Pickles who said the council lacked a five-year housing supply.

Michael Gibbard, lead member for planning, said: ‘I can’t understand why Ministers called in these appeals if all they ever intended to do was rubber stamp them. This flies completely in the face of both localism and the plan making process. Cherwell District Council is now taking expert legal advice and if appropriate will take action to counter these appalling decisions, much as we did with the Asylum Centre at Piddington some years ago.’

The council had refused the applications as it felt the proposals were in areas not suitable for development and that went against the policies set out in its Local Plan.

The four applications were 145 homes off Salt Way in Banbury, 70 dwellings in Hook Norton, and two separate applications for 75 and 85 homes in Bloxham.

The top four appeals here, two of them related to Bloxham and the SoS concluded that ‘that the quantum of development in Bloxham should not be regarded as a determining factor’

At first glance I cant see anything challengable.

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