Islington to JR Office to Resi PD Decison

Islington Council is the first local authority to challenge the Government’s planning policy, warning it will have a devastating impact on Islington’s economy.

The council is hoping to overturn some of the permitted development rights that mean councils and residents are unable to object to certain types of development.

Islington council is taking the action after warning the plans could create a ‘free-for-all’ for developers and jeopardise council plans for affordable housing.

Islington Council’s executive member for housing and development, James Murray, said: ‘There’s a real danger that small offices across the borough will be lost to private housing, and tower blocks will have as many flats as possible crammed into them. Archway Tower is already being lined up to have a large number of small, sub-standard bedsits squashed into it, with no affordable housing.

‘This is not right for Islington and so we have decided to challenge the government. We have started the legal process to try and overturn the government’s changes.’

Islington Council has issued an Article 4 direction and is seeking a judicial review of the ‘office to residential’ rule.


Tories Plan to Weaken Green Belt Protection in Next Election Manifesto – How is it Any Different

Independent on the latest ‘were not posh’ ideas for the next tory manifesto influenced by the Policy Exchange

To create jobs and help people get on the housing ladder, planning powers would be devolved  to northern cities so councils could allow housebuilding in the green belt if local people backed the idea.

Typically half baked, how is this different from?

-5,000 houses planned in the Brum Green Belt

-2,700 houses planned in the Newcastle Green Belt

-2,000 houses planned in the Leeds Green Belt

– 9,500 houses in the York Green Belt

Typically half baked from the Policy Exchange not noticing what is happening on the ground, with the self inflicted wound of abolishing regional plans there is no realistic possibility of diverting the housing beyond the Green Belt.