Now the EU criticises the Green Belt

Here para 11.

Playing to UKIP  – Help to Buy also gets a predicable bashing

The government has taken action to reform the spatial planning laws but residential construction remains at a low level and the planning system, including green belt restrictions, continues to be an important constraint on the supply of housing. Government interventions that stimulate housing demand more than supply,
including the recently announced Help to Buy scheme could potentially exacerbate this situation by increasing house prices and household debt.

Recommendations on page 7

Take further action to increase housing supply, including through further liberalisation of spatial planning laws and an efficient operation of the planning system. Ensure that housing policy, including the Help to Buy scheme does not encourage excessive mortgage lending; and lead to higher house prices. Pursue reforms to land and property taxation to reduce distortions and promote timely residential construction. Take steps to improve the legal framework of rental markets, in particular by making longer rental terms more attractive to both tenants and landlords.

That really worked in Spain and Ireland didnt it.

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