IMF propose measures to prevent excessive landbanking

Apart from no net fiscal tightening this year (i.e a complete end to austerity) they  propose in their Annual Report

The 2013 Budget announced a new scheme, Help To Buy, aimed at boosting activity in the housing market. This measure may temporarily help boost confidence in the housing market, but there is a risk that, in the absence of an adequate supply response, the result would ultimately be mostly house price increases that would work against the aim of boosting access to housing. To mitigate this risk and engineer a supply response, the government should consider fiscal  sincentives for holding land without development.

Of course housebuilders have these properties on their books as assets to offset their losses.  if they are forced to sell and house prices fall so do the price of their assets and many volume housebuilders will go to the wall.  Not necessarily a bad thing if the broken industry stricture is fixed.

Windsor and Eton Neighbourhood Plan split dubbed ‘undemocratic and untransparent’

Royal Borough Observer

A CONTROVERSIAL decision to split up a neighbourhood plan has been labelled ‘undemocratic and non-transparent’.

Councillor George Fussey has slammed the decision-making process which culminated last month in the splitting up of the Windsor and Eton Neighbourhood Plan group into three new sections – Central Windsor, West Windsor and Eton and Eton Wick.

A meeting of Central Windsor residents and business representatives made the decision, with some claiming details of the meeting were widely distributed to affected parties while others dubbed it a ‘secret’ meeting.

Cllr Fussey said: “I wasn’t invited to that meeting despite being ward member for Eton and Castle. If the Castle isn’t in Central Windsor, I don’t know what is. I think it’s a logical decision [to split the group] but it has been handled in an undemocratic and non-transparent matter.”

The chair of the Ward Royal Residents’ Association added to the controversy claiming a ‘fait accompli’ was presented at the meeting to split up the plan group. The West Windsor Residents’ Association also slammed the move to split up the plan, which will help determine future planning decisions for the next 10-15-years.