Sorry But the South Bank Skatepark Village Green Application Will Fail

Its a simple issue, and nothing to do with whether land is a ‘green’ or not which forms no part of the law or precedent.  Rather the Growth and Infrastructure Act  rejected introduction of a ‘character test’ but still prevents registration where land has been allocated for development by the local authority as part of a Local or Neighborhood Plan.  The South Bank Centre has been allocated for mixed use development for many years in a development plan, I know I wrote the policy.  Any application will be a waste of time and money for all involved.

The Lambeth UDP allows unrelated enabling development to be built in the South Bank Centre, provided that it is essential to the development and/or retention of arts and cultural facilities; that it would not undermine the character of the South Bank Centre as an arts and cultural quarter; and that the proceeds of any such development are applied exclusively to support and enhance the South Bank Arts and Cultural Centre.   This is just what is proposed, a replacement facility is proposed 120 metres away.

This is carried forward in the draft Lambeth Local Plan 2013 now out to consultation.