DC CABE Nowhere to be Seen to Terry Farrell Review of Uk Architecture Policy

DCMS term of reference for the CABE review here.

No mention of DC CABE at all?  The dog that didnt bark.  Of course since being sloughed off government with limited transitional funding which may not continue DC CABE has not wanted to say any controversial or critical about policy matters or procurement across government.  In short it has become irrelevant to anything other than matters for which it has a direct clinet role – such as strategic design review or supporting neighbourhood plans.    Of course there is one thing architecture and urban design is and must be – controversial.  Imagine English Heritage when consulted on proposals to knock down a listed building simply said, heres how to drive the bulldozer faster, or Natural England, heres how to gas some Badgers – woops after the Francis Maude injunction t0 shut up or lose all your funding, we are not far off that.  Similarly with DC CABE, Quangos that cant say no go have no chance, and no future; they become empty bureaucracies ready for the chop and no longer serving the function that brought them into being.


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