Is St Albans About to See Sense?

A report before cabinet tonight, totally sensible and suggesting the work necessary could be done in 6-9 months.  No longer portents of doom.


2 thoughts on “Is St Albans About to See Sense?

  1. Andrew,

    Lots of councillors and residents are concerned by what happens in the interim in terms of appeals. Be grateful for your thoughts.

    Also, our Duty to Cooperate amounts to very little at present partly because we are surrounded by Councils where the penny is still to drop (although the Dacorum Inspector, as you have blogged, is shining the light).

    What should we be doing now with regards to the Duty?

    Many thanks

    • Sorry have been offline for 24hrs, setting up a business in the middle of Africa doesn’t help, in the interim you would be equally at risk of appeals with and without the actions proposed it makes no difference as you have no 5 year supply. The only course of action to take is to get out of it ASAP which means a sound plan.

      The second question – formally write to them as LPAS – that will legally force the DTC penny to drop

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