Goldbug Caption Competition

‘Inspecting One’s Tungston’

‘Archaic Relic Inspects her Gold’

‘Ron Paul Asked a Favour of …One, Two Three…’

‘When are you going to replace them with bitcoins…?

‘They arn’t money are they, ones face is not printed on them?

‘Why are all the guards called Tyler Durden?’

‘Which country did we nick this rack from?

‘Is the yellow paint supposed to flake orf?’

‘where is the hole the Thunderbird’s Mole made?

‘Hurry up Phillip i’m late for the Max and Stacy show’

Phillip’ So this ultrasound probe thingy can tell if they are real gold through and the Goldbugs are talking bollocks, well done and carry on’

Can you do better?


One thought on “Goldbug Caption Competition

  1. “So this is what Gordon left us..”

    “You’ve seen one..”

    “Yeah I used to think it would never get confiscated..”

    “Don’t get me started on the storage costs..”

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