Planning Minister Attacks High Priest of Localism


He moves on to the Cameroons’ flirtation with ‘Red Toryism’, a mix of social conservatism and economic communitarianism. Or, as Boles puts it, ‘That Phillip Blond nonsense we indulged in.’ With a note of anger in his voice, he laments:  ‘Phillip Blond and others, by using incredibly complicated phrases full of very long words that we all had to look up, sort of hoodwinked us into thinking there was some interestingly new type of Conservative who wasn’t obsessed by costs and making people’s wage packets go further… I think that was a blind alley which we nearly got stranded down.’

In a sign of how far the Cameroons have now moved, Boles declares that ‘supermarkets have done more to promote the quality of life, the well-being, the happiness, all of those fluffy things that we put at the front and centre, than government has done in the past 20 years’. He is, he says, a proud member of the Tesco party.


One thought on “Planning Minister Attacks High Priest of Localism

  1. There is a lot of truth in the idea that supermarkets have provided an essential service terrifically well over that last 40 years.

    The idea that supermarkets are part of an approach to business that tends towards monopoly and its evils is also true.

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