Davey Squashes Hayes on Windfarms

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Ed Davey will underline his commitment to wind power today despite warnings from Energy Minister John Hayes that ‘enough is enough’ for onshore turbines, PoliticsHome has learned.

The Energy Secretary will tell the renewables industry today that Coalition policy has not changed.

It emerged that Mr Davey vetoed a speech by Mr Hayes at a conference in Glasgow.

“This may be the speech that John Hayes and the Tory Tea Party wanted but it was even delivered because he was told not to,” a Lib Dem source said.

Davey vetoed key lines from Hayes’ speech having seen its first draft and in the end he only delivered a few sentences to the Renewables conference in Glasgow.

Energy Minister Says ‘Enough is Enough’ Planning Consents on Windfarms

So who will be the first barrister to stand up at an LPI and say these are just the opinions of a conservative minister, the brief for renewables having been stripped from him at the reshufle, and do not represent coalition government policy.


“If you look at what has been built, what has consent and what is in the planning system, much of it will not get through and will be rejected. Even if a minority of what’s in the system is built we are going to reach our 2020 target,” Mr Hayes said. “I’m saying enough is enough.”…

We have issued a call for evidence on wind. That is about cost but also about community buy-in. We need to understand communities’ genuine desires. We will form our policy in the future on the basis of that, not on a bourgeois Left article of faith based on some academic perspective.”

Yet again the philosophy of the American Right invades UK conservatism, forget science, itr is raw guttural prejudice and emotion, what we know is right, that matters.

Mr Hayes said the impact of onshore wind farms on environments had been “neglected” as he warned that renewable energy must be in the “right places” with “genuine community support”. “The salience of aesthetics to discussions about renewables has often been neglected,” he added. “All that we do must be sensitive to local environments.”