So Which Local Authorities are Vulnerable to Special Measures?

Looking at the latstest live table for April to May I claculated those LPAs

With 18 Week Majors less than 50%

With minors at less than 50% and

With others less than 60%.

I guess the DCLG is likely to adopt a threshold for all three to stop LPAs swtiching all resources to minor cases as they did with they old 8 week target.

This leaves a surprising list

North Norfolk (which has an adopted CS)

Barnet (adopted CS)

Chichester (no adopted CS)

Southampton (adopted core strategy)

Vale of White Horse (no adopted core strategy)

Mendip (no adopted core strategy)

I dont have the appeal refusal rates per authority, but this is a poor measure as on a quarterly basis for small rural authorities the variation from tiny sample sizes is huge, and it would be statistically meaningless to adopt a longer and different timescale from the decision taking stats. This would create an obvious avenue for legal challenge.   The fact that they even mentioned this as a factor leads me again to doubt the quality of civil servants now left at the DCLG if they make such a basic statistical mistake.

So if this quarter were the operative numbers who might be top of the list for muscular localism?

This left a surprising list Chichester, Vale of White Horse, Mendip.  Lots of AONB, lots and lots of AONB.  I wonder if the Telegraph journalists are listening.


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